Marisol Rooker is a guest starring character on the HBO Max acquired martial arts crime drama Warrior. She is portrayed by María Elisa Camargo.

Beautiful, self-possessed, no one’s play thing. But at the moment, finds herself married to a rich and powerful white land baron she doesn’t love. She can play the obedient wife when she has to but behind the façade is a keen intelligence… and an ulterior motive. We’ll come to learn she’s biding her time—plotting behind the scenes to take down her crooked husband… and take back everything he stole from her and her family.

Marisol is Rosalita‘s sister, with whom she plotted with to regain ownership of her family’s land.


Early life

Marisol and her sister, Rosalita were born and raised in Mexico by their father before it became a U.S.-Mexico border town known as Rooker’s Mill. Rosalita fled when the Americans came and insisted that they sell them land that had been in the Vega family for generations. Their father refused to sell. But Elijah Rooker wouldn’t take no for an answer, so he and his men slaughtered the Vega family’s farmhands and their children while they slept. Then he forced their father to his knees at gunpoint and made him sign the deed of sale before shooting him in the head right in front of Rosalita and Marisol.[1]

Regaining her family’s land

Marisol is at her husband Elijah Rooker‘s side when he speaks to the attendees of his annual Rooker’s Mill Tournament with a cash prize of $2,500. Unbeknownst to Rooker, she and her sister, Rosalita, have devised a plan to regain their family’s land, which he stole when he murdered their father in front of them many years ago. Rosalita is invited to lunch at the main house, where she takes the gun that Rooker used to kill her father and shoots him in the head. Unfortunately, Rosalita and her companions are captured before they can escape. So, she arranges to have the four of them arrested and taken to Sacramento for trial, but in reality, this was just a ploy to get them out of town. Once they’re out of eyesight of Rooker’s Mill, she arranges for them to be freed and reunites with her sister. In killing Rooker, they took back their home, as Marisol will inherit the land. However, their reunion is short-lived, as Rosalita is shot and killed by Smits, who is then killed by Young Jun.[1]

Set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the aftermath of the Civil War, Warrior tells the story of a young martial arts prodigy, newly arrived from China, who finds himself caught up in the bloody Chinatown Tong wars.