Maria Elisa Camargo
Ecuadorian actress Maria Elisa Camargo knew she wanted to be an artist since childhood when she got asked to be part of kids show Dr. Expertus. At 17 she moved to Bogota where she began her studies in economics. In 2005 she auditioned for X Factor Colombia making it to the competition. She then appeared on various RCN shows, eventually landing a role on the telenovela Floricienta.

After this Maria Elisa Camargo was hired to play Maria Alegria in La Marca del Deseo with Stephanie Cayo and Alfonso Baptista. This was her 1st exposure on American TV, as it was made by RCN for Univision, and also her 1st leading role and singing opportunity. In 2009 she moved to Mexico and started auditioning in Televisa until she got her first shot in Verano de Amor playing the villain of the story.

Maria Elisa Camargo

She was also Monica in Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe with Pedro Fernandez and Itatí Cantoral. In 2010 she portrayed Kristel in Llena de AmMaria Elisa Camargoor as one of the villains alongside Altair Jarabo and Azela Robinson, and this got her recognized by Telemundo, who later contracted her for a star role in Flor Salvaje.

Her real shot in Mexico was Televisa's Porque el Amor Manda, prime time show starred by Fernando Colunga.Maria Elisa Camargo

Maria Elisa Camargo played the hilarious Patricia Zorrilla and stole the show! It was an absolute success and immediately got her the star status.

This lead to her 1st role in a movie, Natalie in Volando Bajo, and also to Univision inviting her to compete as one of the stars of MQB (Latino Dancing With the Stars) showing her surprising skills as a dancer and after a month of competition, Telemundo Studios signed her as their prime time star for their next 2 projects En Otra Piel and Bajo el Mismo Cielo which created a new record for Telemundo being the 1st show at 9pm gaining more ratings than its direct competitor Univision.

She's now filming the musical series "Tarde Lo Conocí" which tells the real story of Patricia Teheran, a colombian singer who died tragically in a car accident. Her role of Patricia has been her biggest challenge so far since she's singing LIVE in every musical scene. This project will air soon... She's also enjoying the popularity of her last show airing now globally and living in L.A. to pursue English roles in TV and movies.

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