Hola! I was born in Ecuador, family from Colombia, only child raised by a couple who always had a specific priority in life: GIVING. Guayaquil, the city where I grew up, is no stranger to extreme poverty. The lack of education is a fact, and it determines and affects my culture and most cultures around it.

Now I’m an actress, been working in spanish TV for a while, and I want to use my voice and the extra reach that it may have because of what I do, to inspire generosity in the hearts of my friends, my fans, the people who read me, so together we can experience the satisfaction and bliss provided by giving back to life. Returning the blessings. Only there will you be able to experience fulfillment.

I have such a strong network of LOVE, a support group that has been with me through my career and my life, passionate fans, devoted friends, a family of solidarity beyond all my expectations. I also have a dream to give back to life so much happiness, I have this urge to contribute to my planet, my home that has provided so much for me. Now i need to put those two things in my life together and create an Army to impact World Education. Can I count on you?

All of your donations will go straight to “Pencils of Promise”, an amazing for-purpose organization that builds schools, trains teachers and funds scholarships. It’s incredible to see how PoP affects the lives of so many children without an access to education around the world (250 Million Children Lack Basic Reading, Writing & Math Skills).

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